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Q: If I am a veteran am I guaranteed admittance into an AVSI funded private school? A: No. Each of the funded schools have admissions requirements. Veteran applicants are encouraged to use the contacts listed on the Participating California University page to get direct information regarding student veteran admissions.

Q: Why private schools? A: Though we have some very fine public institutions, not every school is the right fit for every student. From size to varied programs and course disciplines, private schools provide more options for student veteran.

Q: What does Recruit • Retain • Educate mean? A: Recruit – encourage private colleges and universities to actively seek veteran students. Retain – support and encourage a transition from veteran to student veteran to college graduate. Educate – funding toward gaps not covered by veteran benefits.

Q: Does the AVSI fund schools outside of California? A: No.

Q: Why did the AVSI choose these schools? A: With the exception of two schools, the twenty-five funded schools are on The Ahmanson Foundation Collegiate Scholarship program. The program is closed to new applicants.

Q: Are there schools outside of California committed to the AVSI goals to Recrult • Retain • Educate student veterans? A: On the Grant Maker page you’ll find a short list of foundations offering support for student veterans.

Q: Do I have to live in California to be eligible for admission into any of the listed schools? A: No. You do have to qualify under the schools admissions criteria.

Q: Can our school apply to the AVSI and/or The Ahmanson Foundation Collegiate Scholarship program? A: No. Funding for both programs has been completed.